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Spartacus Media is Publisher of Miniworld Book Series


The Dolphin Rescue is book one of a four book series called MiniWorld that showcase challenges to helping animals have better lives around the globe, highlighting the complex interconnection with human needs.


In the Dolphin Rescue, our teen storytellers show us what can be accomplished in the world if we use our imagination. As characters in the story, their mission is to treat all animals ethically and have an adventure along the way. Their goal is to stop the annual killing of dolphins in Japan, an event infiltrated by bad guys they know well: The Animal Cruelty Club. In their quest to protect the dolphins, the girls come to understand that the event is rooted in Japanese culture and that it helps the town economically. After a calamity seizes the town, and the girls, local youth, and dolphins save the day, the local people begin to realize that dolphins deserve to be treated humanely but struggle with finding alternative livelihoods.


The book provides a role model for young readers in that it helps them to feel that they too can be empowered to contribute to animals having better lives while becoming more compassionate of the complex forces behind injustice. The readers recognize by the end of the book that working together, young and old, to find ways to respect and value both local communities needs along with the needs of indigenous animal species,  brings a powerful feeling of connection to the global community.


In the story, the teen characters learn a lot about ecology and about wildlife. All of the natural elements of the book are true to science. Readers learn about geography, the world’s people, weather, animals and small organisms, as well as economics. The girls who have created this story tackle tough topics and do not shy away from controversy.


The book, with its sixty-four color illustrations, received important validation from reluctant readers for its manga-style mix of story and edgy illustration that appeals to those young and old but in particular children aged eleven to fourteen.

A large number of kids in this niche are reluctant readers who are ready for important topics. The style of The Dolphin Rescue offers an exciting tale but with plenty of pictures to interest the reader to delve deeper into the adventure.

According to librarians, there are few engaging books for reluctant readers,  and they welcome this newly published work for this forgotten niche of readers.


Although the book doesn’t end up having found a solution for locals having alternative livelihoods for conducting the dolphin slaughter, there are resources provided on the MiniWorld website for teachers to utilize in classrooms in which students can engage in trying to help find a ways that work for both dolphins and villagers so that a long-term sustainable can be found .

Thus the book will be of use to teachers and wonderful for libraries, book clubs, and teen empowerment programs as well as animal rights organizations.


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