Incubating projects, programs and companies that are dedicated to obtaining financial as well as social impact outcomes; Conducting convenings and facilitating training.

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Providing consulting and advisory services; Conducting due diligent, market research, and financial analysis services. Connecting cross-border investors.

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Publishing services of printed, audio, and mixed media educational and entertainment; Encouraging young adults to learn from the real world.

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We are now:


Publishing  MiniWorld Book

The Dolphin Rescue is book one of a four book series called MiniWorld that showcase challenges to helping animals have better lives around the globe, highlighting the complex interconnection with human needs.


Incubating Spartacus Capital™ fund

Spartacus Capital's mission is to invest in innovative technologies that are aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Providing acceleration of deployment of those technologies by facilitating cross-border partnerships for our portfolio companies.




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